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Instructors: Pooya & Sasha
8pm - 9pm (before Tangoloft milonga)

We want our tango community to grow and enjoy more fun tandas. A joyful tanda comprises creation, connection and movement, each of which requires some tools. Of course, developing any tool takes practice. Our goal at Tango Tools Practica is to provide the opportunity to not only practice tango, but also cultivate effective practicing habits.

During the first half of each session, a few exercises are introduced by the instructors and practiced both individually and in couples. The second half, is when you choose what to work on and discuss your questions with other fellow dancers and instructors. Beginners are more than welcome as the instructors will adapt the complexity of exercises (down or up) to the skill level of each individual, if necessary.

COST FOR PRACTICA: $20.00 (including the Tangoloft Milonga afterwards)
OR $10 for practica only)

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